These are just some of the comments and testimonials we have received from our clients and students:

  • 'These courses are brilliant: everyone should do them'
    Passenger Assistant
    "I've just done my refresher course: it was brilliant: it jogged my memory around professional lines of relationship, and reminded me how important it is to safeguard these children.

    "I've been working in the sector for five years and these courses are wonderful - everyone should do them."
  • "made me think and reflect about improving myself at work..."
    Pupil Escort
    "I enjoyed doing the course, it was good at making you think and reflect on how you could improve yourself in your work. It is good to keep updated with any new ideas or ways of working."
  • "Great professional partnership..."
    SEND Transport Manager, Oldham Council
    "I have developed a great professional partnership with Spectrum Courses. Their dedication to driving through improvements for home to school transport services, via their training courses, is clearly evident with the support provided, and their attention to detail with course content. I appreciated Spectrum's creative approach to bringing a modernised training on line, and offering a flexible programme towards learning."
  • "Thank you Spectrum!"
    Local Authority Head of Procurement
    "Previously I had to deal with complaints surrounding our Passenger Assistant training in terms of quality, consistency of information, late certificates, overcharging etc.
    These have disappeared from my inbox, so thank you for this."
  • “a top-quality, innovative learning experience for a demographic who are not comfortable or confident learners”
    Jacinta Barnard, Independent SEN Expert
    Spectrum Courses has made a unique contribution to learning by identifying a specialist area of need in Safeguarding Training within the UK Transport Sector and providing a top-quality, innovative learning experience with successful outcomes for a demographic of our population who are not comfortable or confident learners. The business has provided appropriate online courses to those people, having invested in a bespoke online learning platform funded from their own private enterprise.
  • “We have been very impressed….…comprehensive courses and engaging video content which is easy to understand and follow.”
    Debbie Heard, Cumbria County Council
    We have been very impressed with Spectrum Courses, which use a modern online platform which allows people to take the course in bitesize chunks in their own time to fit around their own work schedules. The courses are comprehensive, and the training includes engaging video content which is easy to understand and follow.”
  • “…invaluable courses, I can’t fault them.”
    Paul Miller Enterprises, Carlisle
    Spectrum are invaluable courses, I can’t fault them. My staff can sit in the comfort of their own homes at a time that is convenient to take them. If they have needed help, customer service from Spectrum has been exemplary.
  • “enabling us to raise the standard for all involved…..”
    Jennie Lucas, Home to School Transport Consultant
    From the moment I saw the courses I knew from my 10 years working in the field of Home to School especially Special Educational Needs transport that they filled a huge gap in knowledge and good practice for all involved.

    This was exactly what was needed in terms of Safeguarding awareness and an understanding of the important role that those doing this work need to have.

    Thousands of journeys each year are disrupted and cancelled due to breakdown in understanding of needs of the children and young people in the vehicles, this has a massive impact on their education as it’s not just ‘another journey’ but a critical service to help support these vulnerable people.

    What Spectrum courses has achieved within the transport sector and by lobbying and raising awareness with government is enabling us to raise the standard for all involved and through these accredited courses help the drivers and pupil escorts have real pride in the vital work they do.