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  • Spectrum Courses offer immediate, online access to an accredited training service. Our interactive platform allows you to choose the frequency and duration of your training sessions, at a time and in a location convenient to you.

  • Spectrum Courses improve the whole transport experience for drivers, escorts, teachers, families, professional carers, and for the children and young people involved.

    You are transporting vulnerable children, and by completing a Spectrum Course, you'll understand more about their individual needs and learn about the important safeguarding responsibilities you have.

    You'll discover that successfully passing a Spectrum Course will
    - offer children and young people an improved transport experience
    - offer drivers and escorts greater contract opportunities
    - offer drivers and escorts real professional rewards

  • Yes.

    Under no circumstances must you ever transport a child without a valid DBS certificate.
  • Yes - they are all approved, accredited and certificated by CPD UK.
    For more information please visit www.cpd.co.uk
  • The core principles for protecting children are similar across the four countries which make up the United Kingdom - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island. To that end, Spectrum courses are appropriate for all parts of the UK. However as legislation evolves in each country, you should check on appropriate websites for latest information to make sure that information is current and correct.
  • Yes. The course is formatted to work on your smart phone. If using your smartphone to take the course we suggest doing so in an area with wifi or a strong 4G connection.
  • Your training team will be introduced to you once you have purchased the course. They are a team of specialists in their field of School Transport and/or Special Educational Needs
  • It might be helpful to have a pen and paper to jot notes as you learn.
    Access to a printer will be useful to be able to print off downloadable resources to have with you on journeys. It is important to take the course in a quiet and comfortable setting.
  • Upon passing the course your will receive a Certificate of Achievement. Your certificate will have a unique reference number and an QF code which can be input or scanned by your employer/school/local authority to check that see that you have passed.
  • Spectrum uses a credit system. To buy a course or multiple courses you must purchase the correct amount of credits.
    Spectrum uses Paypal for all transactions.
  • Once purchased you have a period of 90 days to attempt the course as many times as you like. If you cannot pass the course within the 90 days then you or your employer will be required to re-purchase the course.

  • Spectrum has made every effort to ensure it's training is accessible to as many as possible. To do this, we provide the ability to listen to the course as well/instead of reading it.

    A large amount of content is also presented in video format which we hope will make the learning experience more engaging and easier to digest.

    If you are still having problems, please email us at contact@spectrumcourses.co.uk
  • Your achievement is timeless, although we recommend you take a Spectrum refresher course every two years to ensure your training is kept up to date and in line with UK law.