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  • You can reset your password at LOG IN by following the instructions.

    We do not have copies of your password - it is unique to you, and only you.
    It might be worth writing it down and keeping it in a safe place.
  • Your Certificate is kept for you online.

    LOG IN and go to 'My Dashboard' : you will see the Course you have taken and the words "Download my Certificate".

    We don't post certificates - because of the cost involved.
    You can access your certificate free of charge.
  • REGISTER on our website.
    It is important to essential to remember your "user name" which is unique to you.
    You could use your email address.

    You will also need a password.

    Once you have registered, on future visits you can just

    LOG IN with your user name and password and follow the easy instruction buttons.

    If it doubt, go to MY DASHBOARD where you can find most of the things you will need to take your course.

  • We offer immediate, online access to award-winning, specialist and accredited training courses.
    So you can take our courses anywhere at any time that suits you.

    All you need is access to a computer, laptop or tablet.
    1. You need your own email address.
    For security reasons, you cannot share an email address with someone else, not even a partner or spouse.
    2. Access to a computer, laptop or tablet.
    3. If you are paying for your course yourself, the cost of the course. If your employer is purchasing the course for you, they need to have done this for you to be begin.

    A pen and paper to jot down notes as you learn.
    Access to a printer - to print off free resources.
    A quiet and comfortable setting for you to concentrate.
  • It is essential to have your own individual email address.

    It isn't possible to do the course on a shared email address, for security reasons.

    There are many free email addresses available.
    We suggest you ask your employer/line manager or a friend to help you get one set up.

  • When you pass your course you can download a Certificate of Achievement.

    You can print it off for safe keeping.
    We store it for you online.

    Your certificate has your unique reference number which can be input by anyone to verify your achievement and see the date you passed the course.
  • We recommend you use a computer, laptop or tablet for your own learning experience.

    The course is formatted to work on some smart phones, but it depends on which one of the thousands of smart phones you have.

  • All Spectrum Courses, including our Courses for our working partners are assessed, approved, accredited and certificated by CPD UK.

  • Spectrum has made every effort to ensure it's training is accessible to as many as possible.

    A large amount of content is presented in video format which we hope will make the learning experience more engaging and easier to learn.

    If you need further assistance, please email us:
  • The core principles for protecting children are similar across the four countries which make up the United Kingdom - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island. To that end, Spectrum courses are appropriate for all parts of the UK. However as legislation evolves in each country, you should check on appropriate websites for latest information to make sure that information is current and correct.